Capcom Release Dates (Archived) 3-22-06

Release DateTitleRatingPlatform
Q2 2006Monster Hunter FreedomTPSP™
Q2 2006Dead Rising™RPXbox 360™
Q2 2006Street Fighter® Alpha AnthologyTPlayStation®2
Summer 2006Mega Man® Battle Network 6: Cybeast FalzarEGame Boy® Advance
Summer 2006Mega Man® Battle Network 6: Cybeast GregarEGame Boy® Advance
Summer 2006Capcom® Puzzle WorldRPPSP™
Q3 2006Okami™RPPlayStation®2
Q3 2006Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins™RPPSP™
Q4 2006Power Stone® CollectionRPPSP™
Q1 2007Lost Planet™RPXbox 360™

Release DateTitleRatingPlatform
03-22-2006Capcom® Classics Collection RemixedTPSP™
03-22-2006Viewtiful Joe™ Red Hot RumbleTPSP™
03-14-2006Mega Man® Powered UpEPSP™
03-07-2006Onimusha® Dawn of DreamsMPlayStation®2
02-28-2006Final Fight: StreetwiseMPlayStation®2
02-28-2006Final Fight: StreetwiseMXbox®
02-07-2006Street Fighter® Alpha 3 MAXTPSP™
02-07-2006Resident Evil® Deadly SilenceMNintendo DS™
01-31-2006Mega Man® Maverick Hunter XE10+PSP™
01-24-2006Devil May Cry® 3 Special EditionMPlayStation®2
01-10-2006Mega Man® X CollectionEPlayStation®2
01-10-2006Mega Man® X CollectionENintendo GameCube™
11-08-2005Viewtiful Joe™ Red Hot RumbleTNintendo GameCube™
11-08-2005Viewtiful Joe™ Double Trouble™TNintendo DS™
11-01-2005Without Warning™MPlayStation®2
11-01-2005Without Warning™MXbox®
11-01-2005Mega Man Battle Network® 5ENintendo DS™
10-25-2005Resident Evil® 4MPlayStation®2
10-11-2005Devil Kings™TPlayStation®2
10-11-2005Phoenix Wright™TNintendo DS™
10-04-2005Mega Man® Zero 4EGame Boy® Advance
09-27-2005Capcom® Classics CollectionTPlayStation®2
09-27-2005Capcom® Classics CollectionTXbox®
09-20-2005Legend of KayE10+PlayStation®2
Fists of Vengeance™
Fists of Vengeance™
07-06-05Killer 7™MPlayStation®2
07-06-05Killer 7™MNintendo GameCube™
06-21-05Mega Man Battle Network® 5
Team Colonel
EGame Boy® Advance
06-21-05Mega Man Battle Network® 5
Team Protoman
EGame Boy® Advance
05-10-05Haunting Ground™MPlayStation®2
04-26-05Resident Evil® Outbreak File #2MPlayStation®2
The Chaos Tower
03-15-05Mega Man®
Anniversary Collection
03-01-05Devil May Cry® 3MPlayStation®2
02-22-05Street Fighter®
Anniversary Collection
02-08-05Shadow of Rome™MPlayStation®2
01-11-05Resident Evil® 4MNintendo GameCube™
12-07-05Mega Man® X8TPlayStation®2
12-07-04Viewtiful Joe™ 2TPlayStation®2
11-18-04Viewtiful Joe™ 2TNintendo GameCube™
11-16-04Capcom Fighting Evolution™TPlayStation®2
10-21-04Mega Man X Command Mission™TPlayStation®2
10-21-04Mega Man X Command Mission™TNintendo GameCube™
10-12-04Under The Skin™TPlayStation®2
10-05-04Mega Man® Zero 3EGame Boy® Advance
09-21-04Monster HunterTPlayStation®2
09-28-04Disney’s AladdinEGame Boy® Advance
08-31-04Street Fighter®
Anniversary Collection
08-24-04Viewtiful Joe™TPlayStation®2
07-15-04Crimson Tears™TPlayStation®2
07-06-04Way of the Samurai 2MPlayStation®2
06-28-04Mega Man Battle Network® 4
Blue Moon
EGame Boy Advance™
06-28-04Mega Man Battle Network® 4
Red Sun
EGame Boy® Advance
06-22-04Mega Man®
Anniversary Collection
06-22-04Mega Man®
Anniversary Collection
ENintendo GameCube™
04-27-04Onimusha® 3 Demon SiegeMPlayStation®2
03-30-04Resident Evil® OutbreakMPlayStation®2
03-23-04Onimusha Blade Warriors™TPlayStation®2
03-02-04Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge™EGame Boy® Advance
02-26-04Steel Battalion™:
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