Hardware Charts Feb 2008

The full hardware numbers are after this.

  • Nintendo DS – 587,600
  • Wii – 432,000
  • PlayStation 2 – 351,800
  • PlayStation 3 – 280,800
  • Xbox 360 – 254,600
  • PSP – 243,000

Total hardware sales for February were at $480 million, up from the previous year which saw $402 million for the month.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier says, “I was most surprised by the PS2 hardware sales numbers this month. While it certainly has earned its spot among the now-gen slate of console systems because of it staying power in the marketplace, the fact that it realized such significant growth this month is really a testament to its broad adoption and the response of consumers to promotional activity at retail.”


Source: NPD Group

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