Bitbrick Band monitors health, controls games, publishes emotions to Facebook

With CES just days away, the world of wearable tech is heating up. If you haven’t already read our CES preview go do that ASAP, but for those of you that have already know our outlook on the wearable front. A ew company is throwing their hat in the ring with a device that not only monitors your health and such, but also uses gesture based controls to “emotion” post to Facebook and to control various video games. It’s a bold claim, but we are excited to give the thing a go. Check out what the company video and all the details below:

Ironbit is a first-mover, developing mobile applications since 2007, cloud computing since 2009 and wearable since 2012 begins the year on the right foot by presenting a smart wristband called Bitbrick Band at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest technology event in the world.

Bitbrick Band has more functions than those offered by existing smart bands in the marketplace. It allows monitoring of physical activities (counts steps, distances, calories burned, creates goals and helps you to achieve them while improving your quality of life). Controls devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, smart TVs and even allows you to post emotions on Facebook and auto reply to calls with certain movements of the wrist.

“This e-motion wristband is made for people on the go who are always connected. We wanted our product to offer more functions than those available now in the marketplace and allow our users to control their devices with a simple movement of the wrist, so our technology enhances working, social and healthy lifestyles,” said Ricardo Arriaga, CEO of Ironbit.

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“The idea came to us because I like running —recalls Arriaga— and sometimes just changing a song was complicated and that is how we came up with the idea of controlling devices using a wristband. From there we have developed many more ideas and now we can control virtually any device that is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with support from a smartphone”.

The pre-sale will begin the first week of 2015 at Indiegogo (

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