The Smart Diet Scale looks to making eating healthier easier with Bluetooth!

Remember about two or three articles back during my big CES 2015 preview article when I said that GAMbIT would be covering the strange and different? Well, let me remind you by saying that we here at GAMbIT are going to be covering the strange and different. Here is something on that front that you may not see talked about on other outlets. The Smart Diet Scale looks to change the way you eat by telling you the nutritional value of any food item placed on it. Sounds too good to be true, but the unit has us intrigued. Check out the details on the unit below and remember that you can stick Bluetooth into anything:

Introducing the world’s first patented Bluetooth-enabled smart food scale capable of calculating the nutritional value of your entire meal all at once with our iOS® and Android® compatible software.

It’s the fastest, simplest and most accurate way to know the calorie and nutrient counts of what you’re eating.

The number of connected everyday products is projected to grow to $300 billion in revenue by 2020. Smart Diet Scale is ready to be a major player in this market.

People with tablets and smart phones regularly use them in the kitchen. Smart Diet Scale is all about living a healthy lifestyle and understanding the dynamics of nutrition and a balanced diet, connecting people to their food and making recipes come alive with information.

Smart Diet Scale

It’s so simple. Just place each food portion on the appropriate part of the Smart Diet Scale and our revolutionary product takes care of the rest. Smart Diet Scale looks like a tablet or iPad® with a built-in food scale. The scale uses touch-pad navigation and amazing patented weight sensors which are integrated into the sealed tempered glass on top. This makes the area you weigh your food easy to clean and hygienic.

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Never before has a food scale had the ability to weigh more than one item at a time. Our patent makes this feature unique to the Smart Diet Scale alone!

When paired with your smartphone or tablet, the scale will automatically display and record detailed nutritional information about the composition of your meal. Our state-of-the-art nutrition-tracking app has a database containing over 320,000 food items-including 80,000 restaurant items and 220,000 grocery items. Getting accurate data about your meal has never been easier.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, make lifestyle changes to slow the progression of diabetes, or any other health goal, the Smart Diet Scale takes the hassle out of nutrition tracking. The Smart Diet Scale makes it easier than ever to reach your nutritional goals.

View our website for more information.

J. Luis

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