Hannibal: “Dolce”

While Trevor’s busy participating in the world’s largest circle jerk, also known as Comic Con, Hannibal went ahead and had one of the best episodes of the shows entire run. Thanks to the all too often sidelined ladies of Hannibal, “Dolce” is what you’d call, a game-fuckin’-on episode.

Let’s start with Bedelia, or is it Lydia now? Whatever. Bedelia, feigning high as fuck confusion as Lydia Fell, is not giving a singular shit about being questioned by la polizia, or anyone else who’ll come for her in Hannibal’s wake. Observer or participant is no longer the question, as Jack comments to Bedelia, “you’re freebasing your alibi, and quite frankly, I’m impressed”. Bedelia isn’t so much the ‘caged bird’ she presents herself to be when she meets Chiyoh, in her pre-medicated state. Chiyoh and Bedelia are the women in Hannibal’s life that truly know him best, and have also figured that the best revenge for Hannibal is let him cage himself. Bedelia has had countless opportunities to straight murder Hannibal during their time in Italy, for instance, the beginning of “Dolce”. Hannibal, half-dead, gets stitched and cleaned up by Bedelia, as she quietly makes plans to free herself from him. Not because she’s scared of being eaten (she’s not ready yet), but because all the chickens are coming home to roost and girls gotta look out for herself now. We may never find out what really happened between Bedelia, her dead patient, and what Hannibal hangs over her (precisely), but we know for sure that Bedelia was never a passive observer in Hannibal’s plans. It was exciting to hear Will whisper to Bedelia in the same manner she once did him, “I don’t believe you”.

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Know what else I couldn’t believe last night? The Verger’s still want to have a baby, uterus snatching and thinly veiled incest insinuations aside. Bet you thought I was gonna say the trippy Alana/Margot kaleidoscope sex scene, that was actually a very close second. Though I’m relieved that the sex scene ended up being less about making Alana Margot’s baby mama via Mason sperm (I just threw up a little), and more about how Hannibal and Will, matching face scars and all, aren’t the only ones who’ve started to blur.



And for Chiyo’s final number: sisters are snipin’ ‘em for themselves. Determined to prove her point that violence isn’t the only means of influence, Chiyoh stops Will from returning the smile Hannibal gave him by kissing his shoulder with a bullet from her sniper rifle.

HANNIBAL -- "Dolce" Episode 306 -- Pictured: Tao Okamoto as Chiyoh -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

What about dat ending doe?! Between the sliced achilles heel (Jack), the near (?) scalping of Will, and take two of their final meal forced to be postponed once again, this time thanks to Mason Verger, my brain is still currently processing what those insane, final five minutes.

When I read the episode title ahead of airing, I thought to myself, if this is dessert, what in the hell will come after this? And judging by the last five minute bait-and-switch, I stood up, hands on my head like playoffs were still going and yelled, OH WHAT THE HELL, THERE’S MORE, RIGHT?!



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