The 12 Weirdest Video Game Ads Ever

We’ve come a long way in the manner in which companies advertise video games. Below you will find The 12 Weirdest Video Game Ads that attempted to sell video games to kids? Adults? Space aliens? Who can really say.


12.) The “I love video games too” ad. The twist is you don’t have to look at the screen.

Pepper II


11.) Now kiss!

80s ad


10.) The “I’d rather color than play that shit” ad.

bible video game


9.) Do robots dream of electric nipples?

robot nipples


8.) The moment you realize your math is as terrible as your console.



7.) Brad just can’t catch a break



6.) What she should really want is a doctor



5.) Poop jokes

poop joke


4.) More fonts = More awesome

MC Kids


3.) Who needs women when you can play with a horrific monster penis

neogeo penis ad


2.) We swear we are a legitimate journalistic publication

Boobs Ad


1.) 9 out of 10 serial killer agree the Game Boy is just tops!

Bad Game Ad

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J. Luis

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