Deadpool #10

Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most beloved and acclaimed characters in recent memory. He’s an antihero that’s very difficult to copy because of his particular 4th wall breaking sense of humor. Deadpool surely knows how to entertain a comic geek, be funny, angry, have intense action scenes, and play with his enemy in wild ways all at the same time!

In Deadpool #10 we see our red friend taking on Sabertooth to avenge his parents death at the hands of the clawed mutant, but not so wildly as we’d except to see from the merc. If there is something we can be sure about Wade Wilson is that he will always surprise us during the most unexpected moments. It’s almost impossible to know what he’ll do or say from page to page.

Gerry Duncan adds the perfect amount of sarcasm, irony and sense of humor in more than one scene during the story, making it all look as if both characters were playing cops and robbers in real life instead of fighting for their lives.

Deadpool #10
@Marvel Comics

Although it’s not a big deal, the only con I think we can find in the script is the role that Rogue plays in the overall story. She’s there as a sort of filler and her presence is not very clear, as if she were there just because Duncan wanted her to be. Then again it’s just as possible that prior issues featured her, so I can’t really hold it against the book.

It could have been incredible if he made her also participate in the dinner scene with Deadpool and Sabertooth as a sort of mediator, but at least we know she may still appear in the following issues, so not everything is really lost.

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What we get is a pretty simple story with lots of charismatic scenes throughout the issue. It’s somewhat disappointing for the over-the-top Deadpool, that’s for sure, but there is lot’s of promise for the next issue(s): Michael, the Necromancer, seems to have some plans related to Sabertooth in mind, and I think we will all agree that nothing good can come out of it.

Still, the book is very easy to read and follow, even for new readers. Light, funny and very entertaining. I didn’t know how fast I as reading until I saw the “to be continued” splash. It was one of those moments when you say, “I wish there were more pages.”

Deadpool #10
@Marvel Comics

Speaking about the art, I must say it’s not particularly my style. Coello and Loli make for a good team indeed, and they took care of details with well divided pages, but it’s nothing remarkable to me. A few instances just feel drawn with no real reason to the overall story, but it’s far from bad.

On the other hand, the coloring and lettering are excellent, especially when it comes to action scenes and the two whole-page illustrations we get in the book. They would even be good promotional posters as well, and the first could have been a variant cover with only some minor changes.

Marvel will bring us the next issue a week after Deadpool: Massacre #1, a poor English translation of “Deadpool Tres Punto Uno”, which will be published on May 4th, so we’ll have to wait a little bit to find out what happens next in this arc.

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I know many of you are going to like this story because of the Deadpool brand. The books relies more on smaller, funny moments than on a solid overall plot. It’s still an enjoyable read and promises better ones down the line, even if, as me, you’re not acquainted with the main character as the rest of the world seems to be. I haven’t yet seen the movie, I know, shame on me, but I’m living in South America and i’ll get to it eventually.

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