Deadpool #11

I finally saw the Deadpool movie and have a better understanding of the character. It was quite the eye-opener, but it also helps a lot to know what this man fights for and his overall motivation.

So, talking about the comic: I don’t really know how to start this without saying how disappointed I was with this issue. With how the last issue ended, I was expecting much more drama, tension, and fear in Sabertooth’s eyes. Also, maybe more action, blood, tears and, well, I don’t know… But I didn’t really receive any of this.

Instead what I was looking forward to, we just end up seeing mostly slow-pacing, a weak plot and a little bit of magic and mystery. It’s a mix that doesn’t work well for this book, especially not Deadpool. It feels like I could have read it all in a short story or in a brief Wikipedia entry and still get the same result.

Deadpool #11
@Marvel Comics

If I’m being honest, the Li’l Deadpool segment was much more entertaining than the entire comic itself.  I’m not really sure about what writer Gerry Duggan was thinking when he wrote the script for it. Maybe there’s something better yet to come from this, maybe he’s running out of good ideas, or maybe it’s just a lull in this arc, again, I don’t know, but I really hope things pick up soon.

Another problem I found with Deadpool #11 is how Magneto comes in just to save the day. No real reason for it, just something that happens for the sake of happening. There really isn’t a good reason for him to appear here, no indication from last issue on his place (although the larger arc may hold answers), and after finishing reading he just sort of goes away. He is gone about as soon and irrelevantly as he came into the picture.

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He just doesn’t fit at all in the mess he gets himself into and it seems like the writing team wanted him to be in there, but didn’t really know how to do it in a natural way. I know I’m harping on the issue, but it was a real sore spot for me that just kept bugging me. Big mistake, man, really big mistake.

Doctor Strange is also here (in a limited capacity) and his participation in the story makes more narrative sense. There’s a real reason for him being here, a real need, and he’s the only one who could properly fit in that scene and do a good job.

Deadpool #11
@Marvel Comics

The contrast with Strange is well made. We see so many warm tones of yellows, oranges, reds, and then suddenly assaulted with blacks and blues. Art wise the atmosphere is lovely and that paired with a good written segment, made me think maybe not everything is lost with this series as it continues.

Right now, as those that follow my reviews know, Doctor Strange in his own series is dealing with things as magic as a whole is facing a real danger, disappearing almost completely, but this is not the case in the Deadpool universe… canon? Doctor Strange is still the Sorcerer Supreme here and I like this little change after following the current Strange arc.

Usually comic universes mix all of their titles together with all the events affecting all their characters in the same way, so it’s really cool to see something a bit different. Deadpool seems to play it loose with plotlines and continuity and it works. He’s probably the only character that can get away with it.

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Deadpool #11 offers up some light reading. Like last issue it moves really fast (maybe faster than i’d like) but the story never really goes anywhere. Let’s just hope things pick up soon or I may be dropping this one from my reading list.

Alan D.D.

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