Deadpool: Last Days of Magic #1

Do you remember when I said that Deadpool #11 suffered from a lack of drama and a solid scripting and plot? Well, I received a little bit of what I wanted then in this new issue, not as much as I would have liked, but it’s way better than the Deadpool feature I reviewed.

The story in Deadpool: Last Days of Magic is better constructed, follows a clear line, it entertains much more and has great plot development. It’s a light reading for sure, even if I do think it is a bit shorter than Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic. But as this being a tie-in to that book arc it makes sense.

What I don’t understand completely is the role that Wade plays in all of this arc. I say this mostly because the last time when I saw Doctor Strange, he was in another place/world much different from that of the Sanctum Sanctorum as he in Deadpool #11 from last week, and now this story tells us it happens before last weeks issue of Deadpool. If someone asks me, and they haven’t, I have to wonder why would they would publish something not in chronological order? It’s fine for new Deadpool readers, but it’s messy for those following both books.

Deadpool Last Days of Magic
@Marvel Comics

I don’t know if messing things up is intentional for a larger plot concept, if there’s something hidden in all of this, or if these separate writing teams are making the story line a mess in purpose. If I had to take a guess I’m going to bet for the second option -let me be optimistic!

Anyway, let’s move forward: Something I will always say is that I prefer the art of the current Doctor Strange ongoing series over the style  in this particular book. The artists use a very simple style, there’s a lack of details that just does not suit the main series. However, the entire book overall and the double pages spreads are well done with bright colors, highlighting the action that takes place in them. They have the details I like to see which is really great; the first two page spread being the best one out of the lot.

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You may remember when I said that Doctor Voodoo was a character I wanted to know better in my review of the main series, and wanting to see him more often in the series. Color me impressed when he popped up in this issue and he didn’t leave me disappointed. He adds so much action and power to the scenes he’s in and leaves us knowing we haven’t seen the last of him or his gang. There is something else in there they are not telling us and I think I’m going to like it when they do reveal more.

Deadpool Last Days of Magic
@Marvel Comics

I wish I had seen Strange in this issue as it has been quite a time without him now, so if writer Gerry Duggan is trying to build expectations and excitement, I’m going to go and say he is doing a good job with it. But I really do hope he doesn’t make me wait much more than needed; by the way, if he’s not inside of it, why does he appear in the cover? Tie-ins man, tie-ins.

In short, Deadpool: Last Days of Magic #1 is some good reading filled with great art, well worked overall story, but has some small holes in the script.

Alan D.D.

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