Vision #7

It seems like this week is a little weak, talking about comics, of course. Good stories are being published, but they are plagued with plot holes and inconsistent scripts.

It’s a shame because Vision was a character almost grey in the movies I’ve seen him in. I’m not really a fan of the character, but I’ll admit there’s some sense of originality in him and what he does being an alien-like creature created by humans.

It’s not something that really grabs me, but clearly there are some people who would love it as praise for this series has been high. However, in this issue we don’t have a single story, instead it is much more like an anthology of the best moments between Vision and the Scarlet Witch over the years. They are a strange couple for sure, but very loved by their fans.

This issue reads more like a filler, or maybe a one shot. It’s an easy exit to the lack of ideas and wanting easy sales instead of pleasing fans. Still, I cannot deny I learned more about Vison and his past with Wanda, but it is so slow that the reader won’t enjoy it so much.

Vision #7
@Marvel Comics

Needless to say that using many ‘Later’s in the different segments is not a wise option. The Vision issue 7 is really only for fans of the series and a terrible jumping on point for new readers like myself.

The cover on the other hand was a solid. Obsession, fascination, a deadly attraction, everything is excellently illustrated in that single image. This another instance where the cover would also work well as a poster, seeing how broken inside our main character is because of the love he feels for the Scarlet Witch, hiding it from everyone’s eyes, but unable to do so from his own.

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It also shows the old “grandpa-school” style we will see on the inside. A visual shock, very violent, raw, and not because the story has any gore content, but for the near uncountable lines that litter the book creating the many shadows and heterogeneous colors. I feel like I’m reading an 80’s comic book, not a contemporary one.

Psychology plays a fundamental role in the plot, showing us the various individual changes in Vision and the Witch, as well as those affecting their relationship as a couple, as they go down a path of no return, despite their best wishes.

Vision #7
@Marvel Comics

Something I liked was the nine-panels-pages. It’s unusual to see comics nowadays using this style and I must admit it’s enjoyable to have a lot of information crammed in a single segment. That does’t counteract the slow reading pace of the book completely, but manages to give the reader a smile.

Speaking about smiles and funny moments, the first and last page have the same effect and are both quite funny, using something so simple as a bad joke. The circular structure, to link beginning and end with a similar scene, is a point in favor of this issue.

Mature, interesting, a must for real fans, but perhaps not the best worked issue for newcomers. I’d summarize Vision #7 as a basic teen story portrayed in an adult way. It’s worth keeping an eye on this one to see what happens next.

Alan D.D.

Hailing and writing out of Venezuela, Alan is our international correspondent that covers comic books for GAMbIT as well as general book reviews on his personal blog. He's currently working in some novels and poems, which means he fights daily a writer's block.