Cougar And Cub #2 – Review

Cougar And Cub #2 Chaos at Comic Con is a sort of bittersweet moment for the new series. Action Lab Danger Zone seemed to have quietly canceled the series in print after only one issue. No idea why this is the case as after reading issue number two, I thought the publisher had something really interesting on their hands. That said, all is not lost as they are going to continue to publish the rest of the series in digital format only.

Cougar And Cub #2 is on overdrive right from the get-go. I recommend you try to snag the first issue as the book is already knee-deep in the current arc. That said, the story is one that really plays on comic book hero conventions we all know and just accept. Cougar And Cub are a team of heroes that are one part Batman 66, one part Regular Show and one part bat-shit insanity.

Damn it Esmeralda! I’m Fine!!! Just fuck off already.”

The book is a tale of the relationship between hero and sidekick and all that comes with it. Not only does it make fun of the norm that only make sense in comic books, but it also highlights the absurdity that a world with actual heroes and villains would entail. These heroes and sidekicks are always in costume and the sidekicks even go to a special school to learn their craft.

The heroes, sidekicks and villains are all over-the-top in the best possible way. It’s hard to take someone like Gay Flamingo seriously, or a baddie that is simply a very smart baby. I can best describe the book as the superhero genre down in the vain of Ren and Stimpy. It’s a wild read and a visual spectacle that fans of the weird are going to love.

Ahhh!!! Realistic violence!

The story is full of crass humor but there is also some serious notes that underly a lot of what is going on. It’s not awards level writing, but it’s fun to make sense of just what the hell is going on. The tension between Cougar and Cub is interesting and one that you’d expect to see more of in normal hero books.

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The story comes to a head at the local Comic Con that is taking place and does something that I really haven’t seen done before. In a world where superheros actually exist, how would comic conventions work? Would the actual heroes make an appearance and have a panel? Would the baddies of the world take advantage of all the costumes to cause trouble? These are questions that could fill up an entire arc.

What the shit is going on here?

Cougar And Cub #2 doesn’t play off those bigger story elements, but the action at the Comic Con is a lot of fun to see. There is also some really fun writing on display and our heroes team up with the costumed fans to take on the bad guys. Shit goes south for many as violence isn’t something they do, but it’s a blast to see.

Cougar And Cub #2 leaves us on a cliffhanger as Cub gives into his conflicted feelings and quits the duo leaving Cougar to face being alone and the con crowd looking down on her as a hero. There is something about Cougar And Cub #2 that is special and I just hope Action Lab Danger Zone keeps pushing this one, even if only in digital.

Cougar And Cub #is a bloody good time!”

Final Score:

Cougar and Cub #2 Review

Action Lab – Danger Zone
Written by: Rosie Knight & Nick Marino
Art by: Daniel Arruda Massa
Page Count: 29 Pages
Digital Release Date: February 15 2017
Age Rating: 17+ Only

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