Snow Moto Racing Freedom – Review

Genre: Action, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Zordix AB
Publisher: Zordix AB
Release Date: Apr 11, 2017

Snow Moto Racing Freedom is a snowmobile racing game for the PC by Zordix AB. And it is terrible.

It says something about a game where I can write an accurate, truthful review after playing it for less than 15 minutes. Snow Moto Racing Freedom is that game.

While Naninights was bad and Nurse Love Addiction was stupid and overpriced, neither comes close to Snow Moto Racing Freedom. It is hands down the most broken game I’ve been given to review.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom - 3
You get all that? Well, it won’t matter when you actually start playing.

I’ll start with the menus. They’re laggy and awful. It also forces you to make your profile before you can even do anything, which is one of those pet peeves of mine.

It irritates the piss out of me when games do this before you even know which way is up. Sure, you can edit it all later, but chances are, you won’t bother.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom - 4
One of the few times I was able to hold the damn thing steady.

So, the races. I’ll start by saying that once you figure out which button is go (right trigger, because A was too good for the dev) you’ll soon notice something. Specifically at the first turn. You don’t so much turn your snowmobile, so much as you careen wildly out of control.

A small track that would be trivial otherwise suddenly becomes a titanic struggle to stay in bounds. I, like all but one of the AI controlled racers, spent most of my time spinning out and landing outside the track. Occasionally, I would crash, completely removing my racer from his vehicle. But all such instances are the same. The game deposits you back in the middle of the track near where you left it. You won’t stay on it for long, though.

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Snow Moto Racing Freedom - 5
I somehow managed second place. The game is worse at playing itself than you are.

Oh, and the graphics? You know, that which doesn’t look too bad in the trailers? Well, the game runs like hot, liquid ass at all settings on my computer. And no, I don’t mean that in a good way.

I could literally turn everything down to potato settings, including resolution, and it would still run like garbage. It literally drops frames all over the place, which makes the terrible controls worse. I can’t imagine the level of incompetence that lets something like this happen.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom - 6
I’ll be damned if I can tell you how ANDREW CONNER got an 11 second lap. Zordix AB

Oh, and like many other games, it doesn’t recognize my controller. Full Controller Support my ass. I hate starting a game and realizing that I need to run x360ce just to use my controller. It may be an old Logitech controller, but it’s a war horse. When the game’s not even good, that’s just insult to injury.

But the worst thing? The Developer thinks that a $30 full retail price is fair for this. It’s currently 34% off right now and that’s still too much for this mess. Snow Moto Racing Freedom is an unmitigated disaster. It is, at best, a shade above Bad Rats, if only because you can actually close it without melting your computer.

+ There aren’t any

– It’s garbage
– It costs $30
– It doesn’t have full controller support

“Overall: Poop/10, would not play again”

Final Score:


*We were provided a copy of this game for review*

B. Simmons

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