CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

The CW has started promoting Black Lightning, and to be honest they gave it one hell of a sell. Seriously, watch that trailer. Tell me that doesn’t look good.

And they’ve given him some good characterization. He’s an older hero; he’s not in his teens or twenties like most of the heroes in the Berlanti programs. Black Lightning hung up his super suit and went home to be a family man. But that’s also the reason he comes out of retirement. By day, he’s a school principal, but by night, he’s busting the heads of the violent gangs that have grown too bold in his absence.

But the added layer is his daughters. They seem to be following in their Father’s super-footsteps, given their suddenly realized powers. Just because The 100 (the gang in this case) seem to be responsible for his wife’s death doesn’t mean he goes on a one man rampage of revenge. He’s still got to make sure his daughters grow up in as normal a life as he can provide.

Sadly, Black Lightning doesn’t seem to take place in the Arrowverse, which almost seems like a misstep. though, given the character’s history, and the locations involved, it’s not entirely impossible that he’s in another. Or that they won’t wind up unifying everything eventually (seriously, the Justice League seems to be split between two universes). That said, it’s not a huge problem, since Black Lightning is traditionally more of a street level hero. But there’s always the possibility…

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