Conquest: Frontier Wars – Review

Conquest: Frontier Wars is a decade-and-a-half old strategy game. A pretty fun one, from what I gather based on what people who’ve played it have said about it. You can probably guess my problem right away.

conquest frontier wars - 1
Pixels the size of dinner plates. Fever Pitch Studios, Descendent Studios

That’s right: I can’t play it. It, apparently, wont run in anything that isn’t unplayably purple and squashed on Windows 10. There is no fix, either, from what I gather. There’s fixes for other problems on Windows 10/8, but this one, if you have it, is unfixable.

conquest frontier wars - 2
Why… Fever Pitch Studios, Descendent Studios

Look, if you’re trying to sell a 16 year old game on Steam and GoG, it might be a good idea to make sure it works with modern OS’s. Especially if you’re trying to sell it for $6.

Seriously, Conquest: Frontier Wars? I literally don’t feel good scoring this. So I won’t. Also, Steam Overlay doesn’t work with it, so I had to get those shots the old fashioned way.


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