Aladdin Live Action Remake Casts Leads

Commence comment section bitching.

The live action remakes keep coming and they don’t stop coming. And Aladdin is no different. And they’ve cast their leads and Genie.

For Aladdin himself, they’ve cast Mena Massoud. And if that name doesn’t ring any bells, it shouldn’t. He’s a relatively new actor on the scene. He’ll probably be able to rock the vest, though:

As for Jasmine, you probably will, however. She’s going to be played by Naomi Scott, whom you might remember better as the Pink Power Ranger from the recent movie.

Naomi Scott Aladdin

As for Genie, well, it’s pretty much impossible to replace Robin Williams. So somehow, they arrived at Will Smith. But, you know who did a pretty damn passable Genie? Dan Castellaneta. But hey, if they really wanted a rapping Genie, there’s one option they overlooked.

They haven’t announced who will play Jafar or Iago yet. Though, let’s be honest, if it isn’t Jonathan Freeman (he’s been playing the character for the past nearly 30 years, yes even on Broadway), I’ll be disappointed.

Enjoy the “Buzzfeed and their comment section are cancer” lightning round. Lot of real winners down there.

~If they somehow work in a reference to Shmorky being a Daiperfur, I’ll see this movie.~

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