Microsoft Trying to get Rural America Online

Will still be less expensive than the Xbox One X… probably.

Microsoft (as well as other producers) have always seemed to have one problem; distribution in rural areas, specifically via internet. Most smaller, rural towns don’t really have the sort of infrastructure that make multi-gigabyte downloads (say, games or movies) feasible. But Microsoft might have the solution.

By using white space between cable channels to pipe internet access to these areas, they hope to tap the market in several rural states. In essence, it works something like turbocharged wi-fi, using the space between actual cable channels to travel further. By the use of a small box on the receiving end, People in less internet reachable areas can use the internet.

There are a few problems for Microsoft’s plan. First, there’s regulation; they need to convince the powers that be to allow it. And second, the equipment to do so isn’t cheap. Current devices to achieve such an aim cost over $1000 each. Microsoft, undeterred, is certain that they can get the price around $200. So, while the hurdles are significant, it could be a solution for rural areas, as well as some more remote locations.

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