Pokémon Minecraft Mod Pixelmon is Dead

It now resides in Pokémon Tower. Rest in PP.

In a move that surprised no one, popular Minecraft mod Pixelmon got served a Cease & Desist from Nintendo. This is because Nintendo isn’t Capcom. I mean, people literally sent them a translation for Mother 3 and that game still hasn’t been released in North America, or really anywhere else. They’ve served more C&D’s to fangames than just about anyone else. So, their putting the kibosh on a mod using their intellectual property in a game they don’t own was kind of a foregone conclusion.

As of their last update, they’d managed to wedge 523 of the little suckers into the mod. Probably about a third of them were the ones nobody actually likes. I don’t know, I don’t play Minecraft. Sadly, the team’s spirit and optimism are broken; they’re all leaving the Minecraft community. So… I dunno… maybe buy some Lego, kids?

~Press F to pay respects~

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B. Simmons

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