Coleco Expo is a Hilariously Embarrassing Disaster

a.k.a I Have No Customers And I Must Vend.

Not a single Colecovision unit was on hand. Tops, there were 75 attendees, not counting vendors. If you’re having flashbacks to DashCon, well, you’re wrong; no one peed in the ball pit, because there wasn’t one. This, is Coleco Expo.

And you know what? It probably wouldn’t have been a bad con, if Chris Cordillo hadn’t mismanaged things horribly and more people had actually gone. And, you know, if they actually had products from what the convention is named for. The place was practically a ghost town.

coleco expo - 1
I’m too lazy to shoop in a tumbleweed.
coleco expo - 2
See that, Bob? Unlike you, your hero Mario still has his feet, and-
coleco expo - 2-2
Oh, hello there!
coleco expo - 3
You can practically hear the wind whistling “You all wasted your money”.
coleco expo - 4
Literally almost all of their cosplayers. Also, Ash from Evil Deadémon kinda got screwed by Lightning/Serah, there.
coleco expo - 4-2
For some reason that I can’t put my finger on, you are the most interesting part of all of these pictures to me.
coleco expo - 4-3
But mad props for Strong Bad finding a dude who is just as larcenous as he is.
coleco expo - 5
The game room FUN-KADE literally saw the most traffic at this con, period.

coleco expo - 6

It may not be quite as bad as I’m making it out to be, but even then, still better than DashCon. That’s like, the low bar for every convention now, forever.

But, hey, if you want to see Chris Cordillo in the heights of his delusion, you need only direct your attention to the Colecovision Nation Facebook page. Also, according to this thread (which has far more than I can reasonably drop into this article, as well as more pictures and videos of the neverending bog of sadness that is this convention) Coleco hasn’t really been treating its fans super well, in regards to homebrew applications and the like. Overall, much like Coleco Expo itself, sad. Just sad.

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