eSports in Consideration for 2024 Paris Olympics

Hey look, another reason for me to avoid the Olympics on TV.

Well, pick your jaw off the floor. The Olympics may have eSports as an event in 2024.

You know, I spent a good half hour or so trying to figure out what to type. I’ll just go with the fact that eSports aren’t really a sport. There’s no actual athleticism involved, all contenders are sitting down. Fucking Ribbon Dancing Rhythmic Gymnastics takes more physical ability than this. Not that there’s no skill involved, but skill requirement does not a sport make. And keep in mind, the Olympics already features some dumbass barelysports. And Skeleton, which is basically what happens when bobsledders are depressed and try to kill themselves doing what they love.

But all of those still have a physical expectation. Playing video games pretty much only physically requires you to not have a heart attack before, during or (presumably) after. The nerdiest sports in existence still have a degree of physicality.

And it’s not sour grapes, either. Do you think my sad, potato man ass is some kind of athletic great? I sure don’t. And I’m not great at most games, either. My point is that if we’re not going to take this seriously, I’m out. Which I would be anyway, since I don’t care about the Olympics. But this managed to take something I already think relatively little of, and made me think less of it. It’s depressing. I think I’ll take up Skeleton.

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B. Simmons

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