Apple Unveils iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X


Along with the new Apple Watch, Apple unveiled the next iterations of the iPhone. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are a continuation of the current line, with some upgrades. But the iPhone X is a whole different ballgame.

Along with a slew of new features, most notably Face ID, the X is an upgrade over the current lot of iPhones on the market. It has new camera technology, which I’m pretty sure is already a thing to some degree or another. They also made almost the entire front of the thing out of glass with practically zero bezel, so you know that’s going to be good. New stupid-ass Emojis that utilize both Face ID and that camera to make people wish you’d stop sending the damn things. and all for the low, low price of… $1000!

iPhone X
Hahaha… hahahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA! Apple. Source: Wired

Look, this is a phone where they’re trying to make wireless charging as a core feature sound like a totally new thing. Despite the fact that it’s been around in non-Apple smartphones for a while. I can’t tell you how many phone screens my brother has gone through, and this thing is all screen. But I think the worst part is those prices. There’s only one response to that:

And you know what? Apple’s going to keep getting away with this. Apple people eat this up. Enjoy your iPhone X, guys. For the same price, I could buy some current systems and probably still have enough left over for a new non-Apple phone, probably of comparable performance, too.

~Oh, and they got rid of the home button too; enjoy that.~

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