Free your inner Caveman September 22nd With Caveman Warriors

Embark on this epic multiplayer adventure that calls back the SNES era arcade fun. The aliens have come to destroy everything and the world needs you, brave caveman, to save this prehistoric land.

If you’re good enough and you think this challenge is not stronger than you, go ahead! Or team up with up to 3 of your friends and enjoy this 4 player co-op madness as you work together to set your world free of the invaders as you advance and discover new striking places.

  • 1-4 Players cooperative gameplay
  • 4 Different characters with unique abilites
  • Gameplay twists, such as riding dinosaurs while shooting coconuts
  • Two precisely balanced difficulty levels: Normal and Arcade

Caveman Warriors looks like a good bit of fun and is chalk full of retro references to other games and pop-culture from the past. Plus, couch co-op is always appreciated in my world.

Caveman Warriors will be available on September 22nd.

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J. Luis

J. Luis is the current Editor-In-Chief here at GAMbIT. With a background in investigative journalism his work encompasses the pop-culture spectrum here, but he also works in the political spectrum for other organizations.