New Apple Watch is Basically a Smartphone

Now you too can truly have your own Dick Tracy communicator watch.

Most of the smart watches kinda sucked. They wound up being almost visual shorthand for how much of a tool someone was. It didn’t help that, short of having a presence on your wrist, there wasn’t anything they could do that your smartphone couldn’t. Especially because they couldn’t do anything without your smartphone. The new Apple Watch seeks to change this.

Not only is the Apple Watch Series 3 the same size as the Series 2, it’s more energy efficient. But most importantly, it’s actually cellular in an of itself. You don’t need to pair it with a phone. And they managed that by making the screen the antenna; otherwise, it’d be a huge clunky thing. It also has a host of performance upgrades over the previous models. And at an MSRP of $399, you’ll be cheating at baseball in style. Don’t worry, baseball trainers; they go on sale September 22.

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B. Simmons

Based out of Glendale California, Bryan is a GAMbIT's resident gaming contributor. Specializing in PC and portable gaming, you can find Bryan on his 3DS playing Monster Hunter or at one of the various conventions throughout the state.