Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Lands On Nintendo Switch

Today, Ubisoft announced that RaymanLegends Definitive Edition is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Players who want to get a sneak peek at the latest iteration of the critically acclaimed platformer can do so by checking out the free demo, also available now on the Nintendo eShop.

I know a lot of people are already complaining about the Switch getting a lot of years old ports much like the Wii U did, but this is to be expected. This is the kind of thing that happens when you release a new console mid-cycle. Studios want to get content out for the machine and have games already made that they can port, thus saving time and money. It’s a problem Nintendo is always going to have.

For those that don’t know, Rayman, previously named platformer of the year and winner of multiple artistic and musical achievements, comes to the Nintendo Switch for the first time with Rayman Legends Definitive Edition. Rayman Legends Definitive Edition allows up to four players to play in co-op, and offers an exclusive wireless local multiplayer experience in Kung Foot mode. With the Nintendo Switch device undocked, players can use the touch screen to take out enemies, manipulate platforms, cut ropes and much more, anywhere, anytime, in both solo and multiplayer.

Set in the enchanted world of Rayman, the game follows Rayman and his colorful band of friends as they discover a mysterious tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. The gang must run, jump, and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting.

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