Re:scam is Designed to Mess with Scammers

“Are Borders Gift Cards an acceptable form of payment, Mr. Nigerian Prince?”

Chances are, you’ve gotten a scam email before. And maybe you’ve gotten the idea to mess with the little bastards. That’s where Re:scam comes in.

Now, the process of fucking with these assholes is automated. What once took thousands of hours of trolling experience can now be done with lines of code. Freeing you up to kick back and enjoy a tall, cold iced tea. Or 80 proof alcohol. Meanwhile, the jackass that asked you for pics of your Bobs and Vegana can enjoy talking to a chatbot with a similar level of intellectual capability. One that’s very interested in those penis pills, but just can’t seem to figure out how to get them through that senility.

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B. Simmons

Based out of Glendale California, Bryan is a GAMbIT's resident gaming contributor. Specializing in PC and portable gaming, you can find Bryan on his 3DS playing Monster Hunter or at one of the various conventions throughout the state.