Praise be, for Liquid Television has been Archived

It’s so crescent fresh.

Those of you old enough to remember Liquid Television have a reason to celebrate. The MTV series has been preserved by Internet Archive, in complete form. Yes, that means with the music intact.

The series has had a difficult time of it, much like other MTV series (like Daria) have. That’s due to the use of licensed music; the more of that your show has, the harder it is to re-release it, since each song has a separate contract (see: WKRP in Cincinnati). That said, if you want to see where a lot of current movers and shakers got their start, Liquid Television is exactly what you want. It was, after all, the birthplace of Æon Flux.

You can watch Liquid Television in its entirety on Internet Archive. Give it a watch, and re-experience a time where MTV wasn’t a cesspool filled with used hypodermic needles.

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