Asus Bezel-Free Kit gives you a Seamless Display

3-to-1. GGEZ.

Anyone who streams knows the hassle of getting multiple screens to look good. The biggest problem being the space between the screens; it breaks up the visual effect of the workspace. And Asus has a surprisingly low-tech solution on the way to solve just that problem.


The ROG Bezel-Free kit lets you erase the bezels by refracting light. They sort of bridge the gap between screens, so to speak. The light transferred this way makes for a seamless effect.

We developed the Bezel-Free Kit in conjunction with one of our backlight providers, which specialize in optical materials. The concept is simple. Thin lenses are placed along the seams where screens meet; they contain optical micro-structures that refract light, bending it inward to hide the bezels underneath.

The lenses are made from PMMA, a type of transparent thermoplastic that’s much more durable than glass. This material lets 90% of the light from the monitors shine through, making the picture under the lenses slight dimmer than the rest of the screens but less distracting than the opaque seams created when two bezels are pushed up against each other. Reducing the dimming requires glass lenses that are too fragile to be practical for mass production.

Asus pretty much made the kit for their monitors (of which it’s currently compatible with two models), they do say it could be adapted to other displays. So I wouldn’t exactly be surprised to see the concept spread.

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