ForwardX CX-1 is Like a Little Luggage Droid

Good news for the terminally lazy.

Who really likes pulling around their luggage? Well, I mean, aside from people that don’t enjoy having their cavities vigorously searched by the TSA. But that’s beside the point. Either way, ForwardX describes their CX-1 carry-on as the world’s first self-driving intelligent carry-on with advanced features like auto-follow, obstacle avoidance, and gesture control.

Basically, all the mumbo jumbo aside, that means the CX-1 is the first piece of luggage that will follow you around. And thanks to the 170º wide angle camera and its real-time identification and tracking algorithm, it can do so accurately. Moreover, it can be commanded by simple hand gestures thanks to the above. Hell, it can even match your speed, in addition to charging your phone off of its battery

So, if you’ve been pining for an opportunity to play wizard, it puts an old Samsonite to shame. The one downside is, there are no plans to release the CX-1 in the U.S. at this time.

Source: Übergizmo
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