Ossia’s Cota Forever Battery Charges Wirelessly

It’s just there in the air.

Wireless charging has been the next big thing for a few years, now. It’s been around in concept for a very long time, but only recently has it started to become practical. And, Ossia’s Cota AA battery is probably the sort of thing you once wished you had if you owned a Game Gear.

While a full rollout of Ossia’s tech is still probably some years away, it’s not hard to see the potential value of conventional batteries you never actually need to pull out and replace. Indeed, if you happen to own or collect old electronics, they may be a godsend, sparing wear and tear on the devices. Not to mention the boost they could give devices that still, traditionally, run on replaceable batteries.

Emergency electronics that stay charged until they’re needed, with less maintenance to boot. While their technology may not be incorporated into rechargeable devices as soon as you may like, they could easily revolutionize other existing electronics in the blink of an eye.

Source: Gizmodo

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