Toyota announces their e-Palette concept multi-purpose moving space at CES 2018

It would not be CES without some company announcing some wild idea that it claims will change the future. This year is just happened to be Toyota with it e-Palette multi-purpose moving space. It’s a very strange idea, and while i probably won’t catch on, the technology will surely be applied all over the place.

The Toyota e-Palette is a series of autonomous vehicles that can be tailored for all sorts of uses thanks to its modular design. This open platform can be used for lots of different purposes, but the most logical would be buss-like transportation.

Toyota says the transports could also be used as pop-up retail spaces that come directly to the consumer, or to special events like, say, CES. They can also be set up as delivery hubs and as mobile offices. Toyota will actually start testing the e-Palette in 2020.

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