Vortx is Literally a 4D Media Fan

Literally blows hot air in your face.

Look, there are plenty of peripherals on the market, of varying levels of use. For some of them, it’s pretty hard to sell any kind of hype. But damnit, everybody tries. And that leads us to Whirlwind FX’s Vortx: the fan that blows hot or cold air at you based on the environment of the Game you’re playing/video you’re watching.

Whirlwind FX

Don’t get me wrong; the algorithm they put together to make it work is impressive. It takes audio cues, alongside a couple of other bits of data, and interprets whether the environment of the game/video is hot or cold.

Which, yes, includes the likes of flamethrowers. It’s just such a hard sell; You probably only have so much desk space, and the Vortx units are larger than y computer speakers. That’s not even getting into how likely you are to use it for everything.

That all said, it’s probably perfect if you’re the sort that absolutely needs to have the most immersive experience possible, VR or no. Vortx is set to release early this year. It’s in pre-orders for $120.

Source: Engadget

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