Humble Bundle Store Valentines and 2K Sales

Show your loved one affection with vidya games.

Sometimes, it’s just nice when sales overlap. As is the case with the sales on the Humble Bundle Store. Both their 2K and Valentine’s Day sales are running right now, and offer some great discounts on games.

The 2K Sale has some of the publisher’s best games on tap. the XCOM series, Borderlands, Civilization and more are all on discount. Yes, even Duke Nukem: Forever is there, and it’ll only cost you $5.

The other sale Humble Bundle has going is their Valentine’s Day Sale. All of the games are themed around love to some degree. The Deponia Series, Hatoful Boyfriend, Dream Daddy, and even non-adventure/dating games, such as The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel are on sale. And, oddly enough, I Am Bread.

So check them both out. You might find something worth a buy, for yourself or, if you’re not Mr. Foreveralone, someone important to you.

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