Toys R Us has up to 30% off in Store Closing Sales

Looks like Toys R Us had to grow up, sadly.

Well, as part of their downsizing, Toys R Us is closing roughly ⅕ of their 880 stores across the U.S. Which means that they’re liquidating their merchandise in some cases up to 30% off. For example, one of our EiC’s got Disney Infinity Star Wars for the Xbox 360 for $5 at a store near him, the figures for which were sitting at $1.50.

While most of these deals are at the closing stores (which you can check on this list) you’re not left in the cold if there isn’t a store closing near you. Some of the deals extend online, meaning you can get in on the action from afar. Though, not everything is on sale there. As a matter of fact, there’s far less online. Still it’s hard not to pass up deals like that. And maybe, there’s hope at the end of the tunnel for Toys R Us after all the restructuring.

Source: USA Today
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