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Fargo: “The Principle of Restricted Choice”

Margaux and I head back to the Minnesota tundra to discuss Fargo. Trevor: So rather than my usual introductory rambling, I’d like to just jump right in and start talking about Carrie Coon, who is an immensely talented actress who I’ve loved in things like The Leftovers and Gone Girl. She has some huge snow boots to fill, in the wake of strong... Read More | Share it now!

13 Reasons Why: “Tape 4, Side B”

“It must be possible to swim without becoming water yourself.” Most people on 13 Reasons Why have been deliberately cruel to Hannah – Justin shared a compromising photo, Tyler took yet another one, Zach stole notes from her compliment box. But sometimes cruelty is borne of negligence, or of self-centered single-mindedness. Which... Read More | Share it now!