J. Luis

J. Luis is the current Editor-In-Chief here at GAMbIT. With a background in investigative journalism his work encompasses the pop-culture spectrum here, but he also works in the political spectrum for other organizations.

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T. Dawson

Trevor Dawson is the Executive Editor of GAMbIT Magazine. He is a musician, an award-winning short story author, and a big fan of scotch. Two of his stories can be found in Robbed of Sleep Vol. 3, available now on Amazon. Trevor lives in Denver, CO.

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B. Simmons

Based out of Glendale California, Bryan is a GAMbIT's resident gaming contributor. Specializing in PC and portable gaming, you can find Bryan on his 3DS playing Monster Hunter or at one of the various conventions throughout the state.

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Alan D.D.

Hailing and writing out of Venezuela, Alan is our international correspondent that covers comic books for GAMbIT as well as general book reviews on his personal blog. He's currently working in some novels and poems, which means he fights daily a writer's block.

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F. Acosta

Fernando Acosta is a contributor with GAMbIT Magazine specializing in the world of wrestling, tech and entertainment. He has a background in marketing and is studying for a Bachelor in Business Administration in Human Resource Management & Business Law. He resides in the city that never sleeps, NYC.

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M. Poupard

Margaux Poupard is an award-winning comedy screenwriter and accomplished producer. Her freelance talents aren't limited to the (computer) screen, contributing concert reviews to The Examiner, ghost stories to niche blogs, currently contributing regularly to The Bold Italic. Recently recognized at the LA Comedy Festival Screenplay Competition, winning Best Comedy TV Pilot. Currently the co-founder and producer of Ocelot Webworks, a full service production company who make hilarious web series and sketches.

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N. Tensen

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S. Roy

Samir is a talkative and excitable film graduate who parlayed his cinephilia and obsession with all things media into a degree w/honors, and earned him the William Nestrick Award from UC Berkeley's Film and Media Department. He also loves telling stories, and cannot quell his fascination with reality tv and the Olympic Games. His love of the macabre, paranormal and perverse is so over the top, he may have been raised by the Addams Family (or perhaps this is just a side-effect of his Mormon and Hindu upbringing).

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Margaux & Samir

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C. Whitley

Based out of Nashville, Courtney is GAMbIT's staff photographer that travels the country covering major conventions. From San Diego Comic Con to New York Comic Con, and everything in-between, she is always on the move creating content for the site.

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M. Hamilton

I write about things when I feel like it. Science, tech, video games and festivals are where it’s at. PSN: Cade5280; XBL: Bateman5280; Steam: Bateman5280. Let us pwn.

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D. Brodt

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