A GOP Halloween

The Politispeak Weekly Podcast returns to break down the wacky world of politics that is America in 2017. In this episode the team dives into the incident in Niger that took American lives in a fight nobody knew we were involved in. We also discuss the fallout from the widow of one of those whose life was lost and her ongoing battle with the President.

Other topics include a new breakdown of the new GOP tax cut plan that is being quietly pushed through. We talk about what it wants to do to fix a broken system, as well as discuss if what is being proposed is even possible in a real-world setting.

All those topics and more on this weeks episode!

The PolitiSpeak Weekly Podcast is an independent production hosted on Gambit
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J. Luis

J. Luis is the current Editor-In-Chief here at GAMbIT. With a background in investigative journalism his work encompasses the pop-culture spectrum here, but he also works in the political spectrum for other organizations.

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