Bad Times Ahead

The Politispeak Weekly team is back from summer break and in that time a lot has happened in the political word that needs to be unpacked.

On this episode we talk about President Trump and his disturbing handling of the white supremacist protest in Charlottesville and the shocking pardon of racist and lawbreaker Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

We also address the hurricane that wrecked havoc on Texas and what it means for the climate change debate, as well as touching on the effects of the hurricane and how people came together to do some amazing things.

And we also talk about utter scumbag, Pastor Joel Osteen and how money is more important to him than helping his own community until being shamed into action.

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J. Luis

J. Luis is the current Editor-In-Chief here at GAMbIT. With a background in investigative journalism his work encompasses the pop-culture spectrum here, but he also works in the political spectrum for other organizations.

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