GAMbIT Online Magazine is an entertainment blog based out of sunny Southern California. Our goal is to bring readers and viewers the best and most up-to-date content from the world of games, entertainment, movies, televIsion, technology and much more. If you’d like to write, contribute or be featured on GambitMag.com or our digital/print magazine, jump over to the contact page and drop us a line. Thanks for stopping by and supporting us. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to always stay in the know.

GambitMag.com has been developed with an aim to bring all your entertainment-centric news under one roof, making it the one place to visit for any and every person looking for current and well fully independent content. We don’t cover every little thing that comes our way, but instead cover what we think is most entertaining and what connects most with our fans.

GambitMag.com Aims to:

  • Report the latest news and buzz in the world of entertainment
  • Deliver unbiased views and reviews of gadgets, softwares, games, films, television, comics, and more.
  • Offer up to date coverage of the latest developments in current and upcoming projects.


We review movies, television shows, video games, comic books, and current technology. The reviews are conducted by a team of proficient individuals whose interest in their respective area is immense, thus enabling them to give a technically well-spun and in-depth evaluation of the product. We feature a small team or writers that come from award-winning backgrounds working for some of the most prestigious publications and sites in their areas. If you or your company wishes to send us a product to review, please contact us for further instruction.

Review Scale: 

1/5 – ‘Terrible’

2/5 – ‘Bad’

3/5 – ‘Good’

4/5 – ‘Great’

5/5 – ‘Superb’

Letter to the Editor:

GambitMag.com welcomes letters to the editor and commentaries from all readers. Due to space limitations, submissions cannot exceed 750 words. If a commentary exceeds 750 words, it will not be considered for publication. All authors must include name, phone number and contact address to be considered for publication. Anonymous letters will not be considered. All submissions are subject to editing for length and clarity. A submission does not guarantee publication.


Have a story idea or question about our coverage or content? Our reporters are experts in their respective marketplaces and welcome your comments and news tips.

Email here:  News Tips

Editorial Team:

Jorge Luis


Trevor Dawson

Managing Editor

Bryan Simmons

News Editor


Margaux Popuard

TV Critic

Nathanel Tensen

Film Critic

Samir Roy

TV/Film Critic


Miles Hamilton

Gaming Critic

Alan D.D.

Comic Critic

Media Team:

Diana Brodt


Courtney Whitley



We are always happy to work with companies to promote their brands with GAMBIT readers. If you would like to find out about advertising on GAMBIT and within our digital/print magazine please contact us at: info@gambitmag.com.


GAMbIT features content created and submitted by its independent user base. Because of this GAMbIT employs “fair use” with regards to its news coverage. If you find anything in violation of a copyright, please contact us at (info@gambitmag.com) so it can be removed immediately.



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